Esmerelda, circa 1900

You may know that we bought a house as a hobby project. Some people collect stamps, others knit, but we’ve taken on renovation¬†of a century-old house. We’re somewhat embarrassed that, even though our house once belonged to the former head of the Grant County Historical Society, it took us over a year to find time to actually partake of the Museum’s exhibits. In a display of photos, we noticed somebody familiar:

(I added the color, of course)

The photo was only approximately dated somewhere between 1900 and 1910, which would be about right, and based on the rest of the picture I’m 90% sure that’s our house. Don’t be surprised if the houses around it are unfamiliar; part of what struck us about the neighborhood is that all the neighboring houses are one or 1-1/2 story Craftsman-style houses or even newer ramblers, and our house towers over them as the stately elder of the block. The more exiting fact is this: As you can see in this current photo, there’s just a roof over the porch, and one of the first things we put on our list was to remove the roof and put on a little balcony. We had no idea that’s how it was first made.

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