We have a complicated family. Then again, who doesn’t? But our blended — or, as I like to call it, chicken pot pie — family requires regularly traveling what we call the tri-state area of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

I suppose you could argue that we are just people who have a good attitude about having to drive and make do with roadside attractions (as opposed to flying and staying at the best places), but honestly, this is also really a lifestyle choice. Should we ever win a lottery (which is hard to do when you don’t enter!) or otherwise make a big financial score, our dreams include more of the same — that is, to do more of what we love doing. And we love getting out onto the road and into the world… One stop is a photo-op at some abandoned old creamery or vintage Sinclair dinosaur, the next a sudden swerve for an antiques shop or garage sale sign along the road. Perhaps then it’s time for lunch at some local place and then back into the car for more sightseeing — until we spot some other place we must stop to explore. Who knows? We know we’re going from spot A to spot B, but what we do along the way is at least equal to the fun of what we’ll do when we get to the so-called destination. Some people arrive in style; others travel in it. We enjoy the journey.

As our business grows, and our children allow us more freedom, our travel area will expand to include more territory.

And that means more journeys to enjoy.

Oh, and if you want to know more about who we are… This blog is run by Deanna and Derek Dahlsad.

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